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Understanding the Domain Name Service or DNS is imperative in IT today. Knowing what is supposed to happen when connecting to websites and various services throughout your network relies heavily on DNS. While using a third-party Internet Service provider for DNS may be advisable for small businesses, more and more companies, even small business networks benefit from an in-house DNS. A local DNS is vital for enterprise-level and larger companies. A DNS server keeps IP addresses inside a company network private. For security purposes, they are invisible to the outside world.

Objectives of the Training

The Internet has become an important aspect of our daily life such that people and companies cannot carry out their work without the internet. DNS makes it easier to use the Internet by remembering all the IP addresses. In fact, without DNS, the internet would simply not exist. The Domain name System (DNS) course will enable you to gain the skills needed to install, configure, manage and deploy your own DNS infrastructure. Operating your own DNS within your organization offers high-speed connections as the server is closer to you which implies less latency, provides security to your internal networks as this service is invisible to the outside world.

Course Contents

o Installation of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
o Introduction & concept of DNS
o DNS Server Installation & Configurations
o Improving DNS Security & Resiliency
o Installation of tools to monitor DNS Service
o Installation SSL Certificate

Target Audience

Technical ICT professionals with basic system & network administration skills and operators of Datacenters and other Networks. The course is also open to Engineers from Internet Service providers, telecommunications companies, banks, universities, or corporations who are responsible for Systems Administration & services and those willing to manage their own DNS infrastructure within their organization.

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