Cyber Security Awareness Training

Started on February 14, 2022 3


This Information Security awareness training course can be pursued by new and experienced IT Professionals who want to explore this area of knowledge and wish to implement information security controls in their organization. Our course will impact the knowledge that an IT Professional needs to succeed in an Information security domain and implement the controls to protect the network and systems.

Objectives of the Training

By doing Information security awareness training you will gain the knowledge to implement security controls in your organization and conduct security awareness training for employees in your organization. You will also be able to understand the importance of protecting digital assets in your personal and business digital information.

Expected outcomes

  1. What is the information Security
  2. What are information security standards and compliances
  3. What is GDPR
  4. Top 5 Key Elements of an Information Security
  5. Top Cybersecurity Terms
  6. Top 12 Areas to be focused on to secure the digital assets
  7. Types of Cyber Attacks
  8. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  9. Top Actions to protect from Cyberattacks
  10. Cloud security
  11. Mobile devices security
  12. Defense mechanisms (defense in-depth, defense in-breadth)

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