Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Started on January 1, 1970

This virtualization/cloud computing training course can be pursued by new and experienced IT professionals who want to explore this area of knowledge and wish to perform virtualization tasks within their organizations. Our course will impact the skills that an IT professional needs to succeed in a virtualized environment and to make efficient use of hardware resources.

Objectives of the Training

By doing Cloud computing and Virtualization courses you will gain the knowledge and skills to successfully install, configure, manage, and deploy virtual servers and workstations in your organization. You will learn how to choose the proper virtual machine product for your environment, partition servers to isolate applications, improve portability and migration, and create entire testing labs within a single PC. The Hands-on exercises will provide practical experience with scripting administrative tasks, customizing virtual networks, and clustering virtual machines.

Course Content

o Define the problem, concepts & features & benefits
o Installing virtualization software (VMware ESXI)
o Creation of virtual machines & installation of an operating system (Ubuntu 20.04 LTE)
o Installation of vCenter
o Creation of clusters to benefit from high availability services
o Secure the virtual environment
o Installation of tools to monitor service availability

Target Audience

Technical professionals with basic system & network administration skills and operators of Datacenters and big Networks. The course is also open to System Analysts, server administrators, and any ICT professional willing to virtualize their existing infrastructure and who wants to attain expertise in varied virtualization solutions

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  • Muhirwa k.Herbert
    Posted May 12, 2022 2:48 PM 0Likes

    So educative, I would like to take part in this great elaborative training

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