About Rwanda Network Operators Group (RWANDANOG)

About Rwanda Network Operators Group (RWANDANOG)

The Rwanda Network Operators Group (RWNOG) Training is a national event that aims at building the capacity of Information Technology engineers in areas of Routing and Network Monitoring and Management(NMM).

RwandaNOG is a training program organized by RICTA which will bring together different technical staff from different institutions in Rwanda. This training will be conducted jointly by RICTA and Network Start-up Resource Centre (NSRC, based in University of Oregon), a not-for profit organization that provide technical assistance to organizations setting up computer networks in developing areas for collaborative research, education and international partnerships.

This five (5) days training will tentatively place on the 19th to 23rd OCTOBER 2020 .The RwandaNOG training an inter-mediate training that has two tracks in Network Monitoring and Management(NMM) and Routing.


To be confirmed soon

Who should attend?

A broad range of ICT Industry leaders and technical experts including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Network Engineers who wish to acquire the necessary skills in ICT, Government, Regulators, Telecommunication companies and ICT vendors and students who plan to work in the fields of Routing and Network Monitoring and Management(NMM).

It is also a good opportunity for networking among peers and businesses.

The RwandaNOG benefits include


Brian Candler

Systems Designer and Trainer

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Brian started out in microelectronics and low-level programming. After a stint in Belize in the mid-1990’s, where he set up a UUCP E-mail node and administered the .BZ top-level domain, he (...)

Patrick Okui

Network Engineer and Trainer

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Patrick Okui is a Network Engineer and Trainer for the Network Startup Resource Center. When he’s not doing work at the NSRC he spends his time doing develoment, network design and roll out at (...)