The Advanced Routing training will cover the following topics:

 Introduction to the ISIS Routing protocol
 Introduction to IPv6
 BGP refresher, including attributes, policies, communities and best practices.
 BGP scaling techniques, including Route Reflectors and peer-groups
 Techniques and strategies for multihoming using BGP.
 BGP Multihoming and BGP Communities.
 Best practices for Internet operations.

The Network Monitoring & Management training will cover the following topics:

 Introduction to Network Monitoring and Management
 Recap of Linux command line use. Potential topics include: TCP/IP network essentials, Text Editors and Security essentials including SSH.
 Cisco IOS Configuration Basics
 SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
 Installation, configuration and understanding of the following Monitoring Tools: LibreNMS, Smokeping, Nagios, Netflow, NfSen, Rancid….
 Network Documentation: Netdot and ticketing system (Request Tracker) for the helpdesk/support and integration of RT and Nagios to automatically generate tickets.
 Log management: Collecting logs, monitoring them, using forensic tools and pattern matching utilities to alert when there are problems: Syslog and Tenshi.
 Simulated network attack and detection using installed tools

The Scalable Network Infrastructure will cover the following topics:

 Basic routing
 IS-IS routing
 BGP routing
 Management of router configuration
 NOC (Network Operations Centre)
 Exchange points between networks
 Security