The Rwanda Network Operators Group (RWNOG) Training is an annual national event that aims at building the capacity of Information Technology engineers in areas of Advanced Routing (AR) and Network Monitoring and Management (NMM).

This training builds on the experience of previous Rwanda NOG workshops held annually from 2013 to 2017.

The training’s Instructors are both local and international experts with many years of experience in operating large networks and teaching about network operations.


Date and Vanue are: 21st- 25th October 2019 - University of Rwanda
College of Science and Technology-CST- Kigali Campus.


Workshop Tracks:

1. Network Monitoring & Management - NMM

2. Advanced Routing Techniques - AR


Who should attend?
A broad range of ICT Industry leaders and technical experts including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Government institutions, Education networks, public and private networks, NGOs and other stakeholders. It is also a good opportunity for networking among peers and businesses.


1. Network Monitoring and Management Workshop Overview
This is a course for those who need to manage diverse Network and NOC operations. It consists of a combination of theory and lab, with lab work on Linux constituting about 60% of the total course.


Participants are assumed to have basic knowledge of the Unix/Linux command line environment, and understand the general concepts related to networking and IPv4 addressing.

2. Advanced Routing Techniques Track Overview
The workshop is a mix of lectures and hands-on training in a well-equipped classroom over a five-day period to teach skills required for the configuration and operation of large-scale Networks that make up the Internet.

Participants must demonstrate acceptable knowledge of or their experience with a router configuration language. Experience of interior routing protocols such as OSPF or OSPF is also necessary, and participants must have used BGP. Some user level Unix experience would be advantageous.

Workshop Contents


Advanced Routing Techniques Track (AR)

1. Introduction to the ISIS Routing protocol

2. Introduction to IPv6

3. BGP refresher, including attributes, policies, communities and best      practices.

4. BGP scaling techniques, including Route Reflectors and peer-groups

5. Techniques and strategies for multihoming using BGP

6. BGP Multihoming and BGP Communities.


Network Monitoring and Management Track(NMM)

1. Introduction to Network Monitoring and Management

2. Recap of Linux command line use. Potential topics include: TCP/IP network essentials, Text Editors and Security essentials including SSH.

3. Cisco IOS Configuration Basics

4. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

5. Installation, configuration and understanding of the following Monitoring Tools: LibreNMS, Smokeping, Nagios, Netflow, NfSen, Rancid….

6. Log management: Collecting logs, monitoring them, using forensic tools and pattern matching utilities to alert when there are problems: Syslog and Tenshi.

7. Simulated network attack and detection using installed tools


Please note:
1. Participants are required to bring their own laptops.
2. Trainers will receive Certificates upon completion of all training contents. 
3. To register for the course, visit the registration link

The training fee per participant will be 100,000FRW VAT exclusive paid on RICTA account number 00040-00383240-26/RWF opened in Bank of Kigali (BK)