Network Monitoring & Management 2021

Started on October 25, 2022 5


Over the past few decades, the information technology industry has grown by leaps and bounds, from what was simply a world of brand new, unfamiliar technology into an entire industry. The IT industry exists because technology has grown to become part of nearly everything we do. The ICT industry has got the ever-changing needs including the core IP Engineering as well as integrating the real-world use and impact of IP Technologies. RICTA and its partners organize an annual technical training called Rwanda Network Operators Group (RWNOG) to meet the needs of the Rwanda Internet Community by;

1. Addressing the current and future needs of operators in the ICT industry with the required technical skills.

2. Focusing on popular and emerging ICT Industries such as Cyber Security, Mobile Networking among others, and providing required skills.

3. Discuss a wide range of issues of the Internet including the current and newest trends in ICT.

Objectives of the Training

1. To train existing Engineers and develop sustainable technical skills in support of the very rapidly changing ICT.

2. To strengthen the technical expertise of Rwandan operators in designing and managing larger networks in response to increasing demand for connectivity.

3. To build technical capacity at the university campuses and prepare students for the job market.

Expected outcomes

1. 60 engineers trained in Network Monitoring and management and Advanced Routing Techniques.

2. Build a community of Rwandan Network Experts that can help each other in solving their daily challenges not only at their workplace but as well in the entire Rwanda ICT ecosystem.

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